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Hey there! I'm Dr. Catherine Rabo, ND

I'm a Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto and the Founder + Creator of the Fertility Focus Method


I'm super passionate about fertility + hormones!


I have dedicated my education and career to learning as much as I can about the intricate world of fertility so that I can help women who are struggling to have babies improve their overall health, boost their fertility, get pregnant and have the families they have always dreamed of 

 As a Naturopathic Doctor, I offer evidence-based support in all areas of health with a special focus in infertility, hormonal health, preconception, pregnancy and postpartum care, and mental health.

Whether it's making your periods easier (bye-bye PMS, cramps and heavy periods!), balancing your hormones so that your periods come like clockwork or you lose some extra pounds, getting you ready for that IVF cycle, helping you get pregnant naturally, having clearer skin, managing your anxiety or low mood, or helping boost your energy...

We focus on optimizing your health so that you're feeling like your best self. 

Areas of Focus


Supporting your fertility goals through natural conception or IVF (both female and male infertility)


Natural interventions for PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, irregular periods, acne and PMS

Preconception and Pregnancy 

Optimizing your health as you prepare for pregnancy, once you're pregnant, and after baby arrives!


Acupuncture for hormones, IUI/IVF, egg retrieval, embryo transfer, implantation, stress and mood

Lab Testing

Ontario-based testing (e.g. LifeLabs) and specialized testing (e.g. stool analysis, food sensitivities, salivary hormones, etc.)

Strategic Interventions

Evidence-based supplement protocols, nutritional support, lifestyle help with exercise, sleep, emotional/mood support

What’s so exciting about human biology is that we can give the same treatment to ten people and each person will have a unique response. That’s why it’s so important to assess each and every patient individually to provide the most effective care for that person. This approach is the cornerstone of my care.


I'd love to hear from you

409 Roncesvalles Avenue

Toronto, Ontario M6R 2N1

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409 Roncesvalles Avenue

Toronto, Ontario M6R 2N1

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