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My love for food began when I was a little girl watching my grandma cooking in the kitchen. I would stand beside her on my toes peeking over the counter curiously watching her tough, wrinkled hands knead dough, whisk eggs, peel potatoes and chop vegetables.  I was fascinated by the methodical and rhythmic dances she performed in the kitchen with each meal she made for my family.

These cherished memories stayed with me for the rest of my life.  In elementary school I began reading recipe books and teaching myself how to bake desserts.  After high school I went to George Brown College and received a Restaurant/Culinary diploma. But even though I was set to start my culinary career, I wanted more.  I was curious about the science of food and how it interacted with the human body so I decided to go to Ryerson University to study Nutrition.   

While in university I noticed a demand for cakes at the restaurant that I worked in so I approached my boss. Before I knew it I was baking cheesecakes while studying for exams. When I graduated I worked for a few years thinking that I wanted a career in the corporate world. 

In my early thirties, my health took a turn for the worst. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I was totally blind-sided and my world was turned upside down. It was a very difficult journey but I have recovered to the surprise of my doctors by taking my health into my own hands. Through extensive study and research, and continual introspection and self-experimentation I changed my diet and lifestyle to fit my individual biochemistry, and I was able to go into remission.

I love to immerse myself in this field and I’m always excited to learn as much as I can about it. In my spare time, I participate in seminars, watch webinars, listen to podcasts, read journal articles and books related to the latest health-related research, and follow the leaders in biohacking, nutrition and functional medicine.

I believe in the philosophy of addressing the root cause of an illness rather than simply masking symptoms. I view the body as an interconnected whole. I am interested in helping women and men feel and look their best at every age, and approach ageing from a multifaceted approach with diet and exercise coaching, facial rejuvenation techniques like cosmetic acupuncture, as well as balancing hormones by addressing food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies and methylation issues, and by providing other custom tailored protocols to optimize energy and performance.


Looking back, this autoimmune disease took me to the darkest point of my life but it has also brought me to realize my true calling in life. It was a life changing moment that has shown me that I want to help others to live their healthiest, brightest lives possible.

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